Abstract of Masters Thesis

Advances in Corrosion Protection for the Engineering Industry

L. Phelan, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (2009)

Corrosion protection methods are of great importance to industry. Cost effectiveness and environmental impact drive increasing research in this field. This research was carried out on behalf of Thermo King (TK), an automotive engineering company.

In this fast changing climate, environmental and legal pressures continually change the specification requirements for industrial processes. The project investigated the current conversion coating process in TK and compared the results with commercially available new processes. TK’s zinc phosphate conversion coatings were optimised and research into a new process tailor made to fit TK’s needs was undertaken.

Coatings investigated were zinc and iron phosphating, phosphate free nanoceramic coating, galvanising, E-coating and methods involving new composition phosphates.

The results found enabled TK to carry out its corrosion protection processes more efficiently. Developments of superior processes for TK are proposed to improve environmental and cost performance, in an effort to eliminate the use of passivation in the corrosion protection process.