Abstracts of Completed PhD Theses

Abstracts of completed PhD theses funded through the EPA doctoral scholarship schemes are available below. Copies of the theses are available from the University librairies.


  • L Quinn (2016): Fungal biofilm as a novel biocatalyst for the production of important pharmaceutical compounds
  • C Rigney (2016): Greenhouse gas emissions from rewetted peatland forests


  • E Cacciotti (2015): The impact of climate and land use change on soil respiratory fluxes
  • R Donnelly (2015): Remote Sensing as a Monitoring Tool for Slurry Spreading on Grasslands for Compliance with European Legislation
  • S Y Tunali (2015): Functional signatures of model crustacenas in lake littoral zones in response to nutrient status and local habitat
  • A O'Toole (2015): Fixation, storage and activation ofCOusing iminodiacetic acid-based coordination complexes
  • C McManamon (2015): Development of Chemically Engineered Nanoporous Materials for Water Pollution Remediation
  • D Yang (2015): In situ Enzymatic Conversion of Biomass into Glucose in Biodegradable Enzyme Compatible Ionic Liquids
  • E Kelly (2015): Evaluating the suitability of the nematode Steinernema feltiae as an environmental indicator


  • J. Donlan (2011): Spatial Modelling of Sustainability Indicators and Policy Implications for Sustainable Development Across Three Regions of Ireland
  • P. Dulgheru (2011): The effect of NOx traps on the combustion and size distribution of carbonaceous particulates
  • D.Mesa (2011): Solvent recovery and prediction of drying times in vacuum dryers
  • E.O’Connell (2011): Environmental Burden of Disease assessment for exposure to lead, outdoor air pollution and unsafe drinking water in the Republic of Ireland
  • E.Moriarty (2011):  Photochemical Alternatives to Hazardous Radical Initiators for the Synthesis of Potent Anti-Tumour Agents
  • J. Rourke (2011): Communicating Environmental Risk; Waste, Incineration and Dioxins
  • N.O’Brien (2011): Development of a risk assessment methodology for evaluating ecotoxicological dispersion and human risks from nanoparticles through the environmental pathways
  • M. Taffese Tanto (2011): An objective comprehensive decision making approach for designing a land treatment strategy for municipal and other organic wastes
  • B.Walsh (2011): Participatory Governance: a best practice model for effective and inclusive decision-making in wind energy development in Ireland
  • B.Barrett (2011): Active Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture
  • J.Fallon (2011): An analysis of the interaction of environmental and clinical isolates of Aspergillus fumigatus with vertebrate and invertebrate immune responses
  • J.Low (2011): Characterisation of Arctic char spawning grounds and the vulnerability of ova to environmental change
  • C.Fallon (2011): Public Participation and Environmental Decision Making – Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Ireland
  • A.Donnelly (2011): Evaluation of background concentrations of air pollutants in Ireland and the development of guidelines for local assessment


  • N. Healy (2010): Interpretation, governance and conflict: A critique of protected area planning in Ireland
  • A. Zitova (2010): Advanced systems for biological assessment of toxicity of industrial chemicals
  • A. Bakir (2010): Development of a seaweed-based fixed-bed sorption column for the removal of metals in a waste stream
  • G. Gucciardo (2010): Novel Alcohol dehydrogenases for the synthesis of chiral alcohols 


  • B. O'Dwyer (2009): Lake sediment-based reconstructions of variations in levels of deposition of atmospheric pollutants from the industrial-scale combustion of fossil fuels and ecosystem response at three remote Irish lake sites
  • S. Bryan (2009): Contested Boundaries, Contested Places: An Exploration of Ireland’s Contribution to Natura 2000
  • C. Nienhuis (2009): The interactions between native bees and alien plants
  • M. Purcell (2009): A New Approach to Waste Management Systems for Biodegradable Municipal Waste (BMW)
  • S. Ryan (2009): The Ecological Significance of Water Availability for Burren Plant Communities
  • A. Leary (2009): Transformation of the Food Processing Waste Apple Pomace into a Value Added Product
  • L. Phelan (2009): Advances in Corrosion Protection for the Engineering Industry
  • M. Garvey (2009): Pulsed UV light inactivation of Cryptosporidium parvum and other microbial species in drinking water supplies in Ireland
  • S. Moran (2009): Monitoring Small Mammals by Real-Time PCR DNA Analysis of Hair


  • W. Metcalfe (2008): Experimental and Modelling Study of Ethyl Propanoate and Diisobutylene
  • M. Cannon (2008): Microbial Ecology of Synthetic Pyrethroid Degradation in Soil
  • R. Flanagan (2008): Modelling the Role of Clouds in PM2.5 Formation
  • C. Lacey (2008): Assessment of pharmaceutical residue levels in three Irish sewage treatment plants
  • M. Moro (2008): Essays on the Measurement of Sustainability and Well-being
  • C. Brophy (2008): Global change impact on biodiversity function
  • D. Healy (2008): Linking Urban Air Field Measurements of Particulate Matter to their Chemical Analysis and Effects on Health
  • S. Kimberley (2008): Spatial and temporal fluxes of plant-nutrients in turlough soils
  • F. King (2008): Land use patterns and urban travel behaviour: Towards an evidence-based policy approach to land use and transport planning in the Greater Dublin Area


  • W. Wissema (2007): Carbon energy taxation and revenue recycling. An applied general equilibrium analysis for the Irish economy
  • O. Rice (2007): The microbial ecology of Irish Atlantic blanket peatlands
  • M. O'Mahony (2007): Physiology and Genetics of polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degradation by Pseudomonas alcaligenes PA-10 and Potential in-situ Remediation of Contaminated Soil
  • V. McCarthy (2007): The relationship between resource elemental deficiencies and zooplankton community structure and dynamics
  • M. Gioria (2007): Impacts of three invasive species on soil seed bank communities
  • M. Sottocornola (2007): Four years of observations of carbon dioxide fluxes, water and energy budgets, and vegetation patterns in an Irish Atlantic blanket bog
  • O. Allis (2007): The Development of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) Methods for the Determination of Hepatotoxins in Irish Freshwaters, Cyanobacteria and Drinking water
  • C. D. Williams (2007): The environmental requirements of Sciomyzidae (Diptera) on turloughs in the west of Ireland with particular reference to the role of Mollusc host / prey communities
  •  E. O'Neill (2007): Market-based instruments for sustainable settlement patterns; designing more effective, efficient and equitable policy instruments
  • L. Gallagher (2007): Public Attitudes to Solid Waste Infrastructure and the Role of Compensation in Siting Decisions
  • J. Mulcahy (2007): Remote Sensing of Aerosol Optical Depth in North Atlantic Marine Air
  • E. Cullen (2007): Climate Change and Health in Ireland: A National Vulnerability Assessment
  • P. Howley (2007): 'Sustainability versus Liveability': An Investigation into the Implications of High-density Living
  • F. Fahy (2006): An examination of public attitudes and behaviour towards waste management: The case of Galway
  • P Bardini (2006): Atmospheric Chemistry of Dimethylphenols & Nitrophenols
  • Back to Doctoral Scholarships Scheme: Construction of Total Phosphorus (TP) quantitative models based on diatoms and cladocera for the Irish ecoregion using palaeolimnological techniques
  • A Mc Mahon (2006): Purification and characterisation of tyrosinase and laccase from Pseudomonas putida F6
  • P Dundon (2006): Assessment and regulation of N-mineralisation in a grassland soil
  • F Brereton (2006): An economic assessment of the determinants of quality of life
  • A Boyce (2006): A study of selected enzymes for animal feed application
  • P. Kavanagh (2006): Investigation of redox polymers for enzymatic fuel cell and DNA sensor devices: synthesis, electrochemical characterisation and applications
  • L. Redmond (2006): The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) – A Contribution towards understanding allowance, allocation, markets and performance and operation in a small open economy
  • A. Laine (2006): Carbon Gas Fluxes in an Irish lowland blanket bog
  • D. Rooney (2006): The ecology of soil microbial communities in acidic upland grasslands


  • S O’Sullivan (2005): Evaluation of options for reducing Irish diesel particulate emissions - utilising measurement and modelling methods
  • C. Garavan (2005): General health, blood lead levels and their environemntal predictors, in the vicinity of abandoned mines, Silvermines, Co. Tipperary
  • J. Casey (2005): Greenhouse gas emissions from Irish livestock production systems
  • C Noone (2005): The measurement and analysis of C2-C8 non-methane hydrocarbons at Mace Head atmospheric research station, Ireland
  • T. Dabrowski (2005): A flushing study analysis of selected Irish waterbodies


  • J Wurmel (2004): Detailed chemical kinetics combined with a computational fluid dynamics study of a twin piston rapid compression machine
  • U Budd (2004): Air quality monitoring and modelling at motoway and roundabout sites in Ireland