Climate Joint Programming Initiative

This JPI is a collaboration between 14 European countries to coordinate jointly their climate research and fund new transnational research initiatives.

It connects scientific disciplines, enables cross-border research and increases the science-practice interaction. 

JPI Climate contributes to the overall EU objective of developing a European Research Area and is coordinated with the EU’s Horizon2020 programme in support of excellent science, industrial leadership and the European response to climate change - one of the great societal challenges of our times.

JPI CLIMATE-bidding for ERA NET for Climate Services (ERA4CS) under H2020 SC5-2-2015.

The ERA4CS is complementary with other funding programmes and activities on climate service research on European levels (as H2020, Copernicus and KIC Climate) and international level (Future Earth and Belmont Forum).

It will focus its efforts on planning, implementing and monitoring a Joint Transnational Call (JTC) between Member States, increasing their scope through top-up funding from the EC.

ERA4CS is designed in close collaboration with JPI Climate and aims to include new partners and countries, to better co-align activities and reduce fragmentation of the research landscape to enable the relevant stakeholders to make better use of the available knowledge.

The purpose of ERA4CS is to pool financial resources from the participating national research programmes with a view to implementing a joint call for proposals with EU co-funding resulting in grants to third parties.

The objective of ERA4CS; To undertake research to develop better tools, methods and standards on how to produce and use reliable data, new sets of projections and impact indicators relevant for users’ needs and capabilities.

Products are required by users to assess impacts and adaptation responses to future climate variability and extreme conditions for specific regions, sectors and relevant time periods (seasonal-to-decadal) at regional and local scale.

This should also include consideration of research required to respond to specific requests for services and multi-driver risk analyses, which require an inter- and trans-disciplinary two-way dialogue between scientists, information providers and end-users. Links with international climate service initiatives should be established.

The EPA and Met Eireann are full participants in the ERA4CS proposal development, which is due to be submitted to the EC at the end of April 2015.

Activities ha recently begun with the launch of a large scale Joint Transnational Call for research proposals with cash and institutional funding and co-fund support of the Eurpean Commission.  Ireland is a partner in this research call and accordingly invites Irish researchers to become involved in the initiative.

Proposals should address on one of the following Topics (A or B), if compliant with eligibility:

Topic A Advanced co-development with users, supported in cash by 13 national Research Funding Organizations (RFOs)
Topic B Institutional integration between 30 predetermined Research Performing Organisations (RPOs)

Relevant timeline:

Opening date of the Call: 01/03/16
Closing date for the step-one proposals for Topic A: 15/06/16
Closing date for the step-one proposals for Topic B: 15/07/16
Step-two invitation: 15/09/16
Closing date for submission of step-two proposals: 15/11/16
Communication of final results: February 2017
Start of projects: Spring 2017
End of projects: Spring 2020

Full information on this call is available from the JPI Climate Website.