EPA Website Notice (Regulation 37(2)17/11/2017103Kb
EPA Newspaper Notice - Re Final Determination13/11/20171864Kb
EPA AAppIssuingFD2309/11/2017276Kb
EPA Final Determination & Notification09/11/20172351Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority Re Register09/11/2017121Kb
EPA Letter to Submittor - Re Final Determination09/11/201751Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - FD Issued - Licence Granted1209/11/2017133Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - FD Issued - Licence Granted3109/11/2017136Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Inland Fisheries Ireland Re Issue of FD09/11/201734Kb
EPA Board Extract - Final Determination17/10/201749Kb
EPA Technical Committee Report12/10/2017647Kb
EPA P0029-05 Letter to Limerick Against Pollution Re Invalid Subm on19/09/2017151Kb
EPA AAckofObjection801/08/2017171Kb
EPA Newspaper Notice - Re Proposed Determination07/07/2017969Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Re Proposed Determination05/07/201762Kb
EPA Board Extract - Re Proposed Determination04/07/201736Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Proposed Determination04/07/201767Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority Re Register - Re PD04/07/2017132Kb
EPA Letter to Submittor - Re Proposed Determination04/07/201761Kb
EPA Proposed Determination & Notification04/07/20172620Kb
EPA Board Extract - Proposed Determination13/06/201780Kb
EPA Recommended Determination13/06/2017377Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Seeking Consent to Extend PD Due Date12/06/201745Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report07/06/2017333Kb
EPA Notification - Section 90 Compliance07/06/201737Kb
EPA Letter - to Clare County Council Re Making A Submission21/04/201774Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Seeking Consent to Extend PD Due Date20/04/201744Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - No 1 HSE West27/03/201746Kb
EPA Letter to Licensee - Section 90 Acknowledgement01/03/201735Kb
EPA Letter - to Licensee - Section 90 Acknowledgement17/02/201737Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority Re Register17/02/2017207Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Re Receipt of Review Documentation17/02/201795Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re AA Screening Determination31/01/2017134Kb
EPA Notification - Section 9031/01/2017122Kb
EPA AA Screening Determination27/01/201769Kb
EPA Agency Initiated BATC Review18/01/2017814Kb
EPA Email to Licensee re Agency Initiated BATC review18/01/201740Kb
EPA Newspaper Notice - re BATC Review18/01/201784Kb
EPA Director Decision - BAT C Review17/01/201746Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report - BATC Review17/01/2017140Kb