EPA S005959 Submission Notice24/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005958 Submission Notice23/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005957 Submission Notice22/01/2020177Kb
EPA S005951 Submission Notice15/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005950 Submission Notice13/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005941 Submission Notice10/01/2020177Kb
EPA S005942 Submission Notice10/01/2020177Kb
EPA S005939 Submission Notice09/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005935 Submission Notice08/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005929 Submission Notice06/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005930 Submission Notice06/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005928 Submission Notice05/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005925 Submission Notice03/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005926 Submission Notice03/01/2020178Kb
EPA S005918 Submission Notice02/01/2020177Kb
EPA S005919 Submission Notice02/01/2020177Kb
EPA S005920 Submission Notice02/01/2020177Kb
EPA S005921 Submission Notice02/01/2020177Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant24/12/2019338Kb
EPA Notification to Irish Water - Section 99(E)24/12/2019340Kb
EPA Notification to Irish Water - Section 99E Notice24/12/2019226Kb
EPA S005908 Submission Notice19/12/2019179Kb
EPA S005903 Submission Notice18/12/2019179Kb
EPA S005891 Submission Notice16/12/2019179Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Compliance Notice12/12/2019201Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Compliance Notice EIA12/12/2019336Kb
EPA S005596 Submission Notice11/12/2019179Kb
EPA S005889 Submission Notice11/12/2019178Kb
EPA EIA Screening Determination15/11/2019344Kb
EPA S005763 Submission Notice25/09/2019179Kb
EPA S005720 Submission Notice17/09/2019179Kb
EPA S005716 Submission Notice09/09/2019178Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Extension Request04/09/2019344Kb
EPA S005713 Submission Notice04/09/2019179Kb
EPA S005714 Submission Notice04/09/2019179Kb
EPA S005715 Submission Notice04/09/2019179Kb
EPA S005711 Submission Notice03/09/2019179Kb
EPA S005700 Submission Notice30/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005702 Submission Notice30/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005666 Submission Notice28/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005677 Submission Notice26/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005678 Submission Notice26/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005663 Submission Notice22/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005664 Submission Notice22/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005668 Submission Notice22/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005659 Submission Notice21/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005661 Submission Notice21/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005662 Submission Notice21/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005658 Submission Notice19/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005652 Submission Notice18/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005655 Submission Notice18/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005647 Submission Notice17/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005649 Submission Notice17/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005644 Submission Notice16/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005642 Submission Notice15/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005636 Submission Notice07/08/2019179Kb
EPA S005628 Submission Notice30/07/2019180Kb
EPA S005631 Submission Notice30/07/2019180Kb
EPA S005632 Submission Notice30/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005625 Submission Notice25/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005626 Submission Notice25/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005621 Submission Notice24/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005619 Submission Notice23/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005620 Submission Notice23/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005617 Submission Notice20/07/2019178Kb
EPA S005616 Submission Notice19/07/2019178Kb
EPA S005613 Submission Notice17/07/2019140Kb
EPA S005612 Submission Notice16/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005599SubmissionNotice11/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005590 Submission Notice01/07/2019179Kb
EPA S005589 Submission Notice28/06/2019179Kb
EPA S005575 Submission Notice21/06/2019179Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant - Acknowledging Reg 10 partial response13/06/2019335Kb
EPA S005532 Submission Notice07/06/2019179Kb
EPA S005530 Submission Notice05/06/2019179Kb
EPA S005531 Submission Notice05/06/2019179Kb
EPA S005522 Submission Notice31/05/2019179Kb
EPA S005498 Submission Notice08/05/201980Kb
EPA S005498 Submission Notice08/05/2019179Kb
EPA Letter to Submittor - AA Screening Determination28/03/2019340Kb
EPA Licensing Notification Re AA to submittor28/03/2019229Kb
EPA S005438 Submission Notice28/03/201978Kb
EPA S005438 Submission Notice28/03/2019179Kb
EPA Appropriate Assessment Screening Determination27/03/2019348Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - AA Screening Determination27/03/2019368Kb
EPA Regulation 10 Notification06/03/2019640Kb
EPA Letter to Cork County Counci - Request for Observations20/02/2019378Kb
EPA Notification to Cork County Counci - Request for Observations20/02/2019229Kb
EPA Notification to Irish Water - Section 99(E)20/02/2019729Kb
EPA Notification to Irish Water - Section 99E Notice20/02/2019227Kb
EPA Application Acknowledgement15/02/2019345Kb
EPA Letter to Cork County Counci - Re Register15/02/2019334Kb
EPA Notification to Cork County Counci - Re Register15/02/2019229Kb
EPA Register of Licence15/02/2019336Kb
EPA Specified Bodies notification Re new application recevied15/02/201994Kb