AER D005701-AER 201716/03/2018435Kb
AER D005701-AER 201624/02/2017399Kb
AER D005701-AER 201506/04/2016781Kb
AER D005701-AER 201506/04/2016920Kb
AER D005701-AER 201412/03/20153796Kb
EPA Director Decision12/07/201419Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report12/07/201431Kb
EPA Recommended Decision12/07/2014552Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re TA issued25/06/2014105Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - A25/06/2014479Kb
AER D005701-AER 201301/03/20146233Kb
AER D005701-AER 201226/07/20132556Kb
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AER D005701-AER 201003/03/201118461Kb
AER D005701-AER 201026/02/2011128Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Final Decision20/07/201035Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Re Final Decision20/07/201055Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Re Final Decision20/07/2010411Kb
EPA Final Decision20/07/20101229Kb
EPA Board Extract - re clarifications required06/07/201076Kb
EPA Addendum to Inspectors Report01/06/2010140Kb
EPA Board Extract01/06/2010134Kb
Applicant Letter from Applicant - re granting Reg 28(2) time ext25/05/201034Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - re Reg 28(2) request18/05/201033Kb
Applicant Letter from Applicant - re Reg 28(2) consent received.pdf15/03/201037Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - re Reg 28(2) request for extension11/03/201029Kb
Applicant Letter from Applicant - re Reg 28(2) consent25/01/201043Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - re Reg 28(2) extension request20/01/201034Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report01/12/20091801Kb
EPA Recommended Decision01/12/2009588Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Reg 18(2) Acknowledgement16/09/200976Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Marine Institute18/08/200994Kb
Applicant Unsolicited Additional Information - Re Shanbally WWTP22/07/2009126Kb
Applicant Letter from Applicant - Reg 18(3)(b) Reply 316/07/2009735Kb
Third Party Letter from Third Party - Planning Order - ABP25/06/2009178Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Additional Bodies16/06/20093382Kb
Applicant Regulation 18(2) Reply 226/02/20092748Kb
EPA Letter to applicant - refund request acknowledgement19/11/200833Kb
Applicant Letter from applicant - refund request10/11/2008117Kb
Applicant Regulation 18(3)(b) Response Part A30/06/20085184Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Extension for Regulation 18 Reply22/04/200853Kb
Applicant Letter from Applicant - Re Extension for Regulation 18(3)(b)18/04/200870Kb
Third Party Submission - No 1 Mr Hugh-Jones - Atlantic Shellfish Limited09/04/2008134Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement 109/04/200869Kb
EPA Notification - Re Regulation 18(3)(b)04/04/2008181Kb
Applicant Letter from Applicant Re intention to apply to ABP31/03/2008717Kb
Applicant EIS - Cover Letter28/03/200861Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 128/03/20086436Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 2 Part 128/03/200811014Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 2 Part 228/03/20087991Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 2 Part 328/03/20089648Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 2 Part 428/03/20085532Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 2 Part 528/03/20084758Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 3 Part 128/03/20085874Kb
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Applicant EIS Volume 3 Part 828/03/200811455Kb
Applicant EIS Volume 3 Part 928/03/200811882Kb
Third Party Letter from Third Party - Acknowledgement from Dept of Environment22/02/200853Kb
Third Party Letter from Third Party - Acknowledgement from Min of Agri21/02/200847Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification15/02/2008796Kb
Applicant Application Form - Cover Letter14/12/200778Kb
Applicant Application Form Part 114/12/20076789Kb
Applicant Application Form Part 214/12/20079909Kb
Applicant Application Form Part 314/12/20076739Kb