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Ambient Air Quality Assessment at Kilkenny City

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The results of this assessment were used to determine monitoring needs in Zone C of the country.

  • PM10 - above upper assessment threshold
  • NO2 - below lower assessment threshold
  • SO2 - below lower assessment threshold
  • Pb - below lower assessment threshold

Kilkenny is in Zone C of the country, one of four air air quality zones in the country. The implications of this assessment are that within Zone C (specified population centres with populations in excess of 15,000)

  • Levels of PM10 will need to be monitored continuously
  • Levels of SO2, NO2 and lead can be assessed using modelling or objective estimation techniques

The Air Quality Framework Directive states that modelling or objective estimation techniques may be used to assess ambient air quality if levels of the pollutant in question in that zone are below the lower assessment threshold. Continuous monitoring is required if levels exceed the upper assessment threshold.

Ozone concentrations were measured in Kilkenny from May to August 2005. During this period

  • The population information and alert thresholds were not exceeded
  • The target value for the protection of human health was not exceeded
  • The long term objective for the protection of human health was not exceeded

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