Greening the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a key role to play as an environmental champion. The EPA is a statutory body responsible for protecting the environment for the people of Ireland.  We regulate and police activities that might otherwise cause pollution.  We ensure there is solid information on environmental trends so that necessary actions are taken.  Our priorities are protecting the Irish environment and ensuring that development is sustainable.

The EPA's Environmental Policy states:

We recognise that we occupy a unique position in respect of care for the environment. Consequently we are committed to incorporating good environmental management and practice into our everyday activities. The EPA aims to minimise the environmental impact of our own activities, to achieve continual environmental improvement, to prevent pollution, to encourage environmental awareness with our organisation and to contribute to sustainable development.  The EPA is committed to comply with applicable environmental legal and other requirements that apply to our activities.

Read more about how the EPA works towards meeting these aims in our environmental performance report:

Greening the EPA: Our Environmental Performance Report 2015-2016