EPA and RPII to Merge

As part of the Government's Public Sector Reform Plan, the Government has decided to merge the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII).

In January 2013, the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government set up a Working Group to manage the process of merging the RPII with the EPA in accordance with Government policy.

Membership of the Working Group is currently comprised of:

  • Mr. David Walsh, Assistant Secretary, Environment Division, DECLG,  (Chairperson)
  • Dr Ann McGarry, Chief Executive, RPII
  • Ms. Laura Burke, Director General, EPA
  • Ms. Emer Connolly, Principal Officer, Environment Policy & Awareness Section, DECLG
  • Mr. Paul McDonald, Principal Officer, Air Quality & Environmental Radiation Policy Section DECLG

The vision for the merger is that it would bring together the committed and dedicated staff of both organisations to create a strong scientific organisation that combines the expert resources and the excellent reputations of both the EPA and the RPII and continues to place the same high value on both environmental and radiological protection.

The Working Group’s high level objective was to plan for and manage the merger to completion., The Working Group was also been explicitly tasked with ensuring that there was no diminution, or perception of any diminution, among stakeholders and the general public, with Ireland’s commitment to either environmental or radiological protection, arising from the merger.

A Terms of Reference was established for the working group to manage the merger process. The Minister has decided that the bodies should be merged by creating a fifth Office within the EPA structure, bringing the total number of Offices to five, each headed by a Director. In addition, an Advisory Committee for radiation is to be established to provide expert input to the merged organisation.

An Action Plan, setting out the steps necessary to give effect to the merger, was approved by the Minister in July 2013.  The Legislation transfers all of the Radiolgical Protection Institute of Ireland functions, assets, liabilities and staff to the Environmental Protection Agency and this legislation came into effect on 1st August 2014.

Proceedings of the Merger Working Group

Summary minutes of the Merger Working Group (MWG) are listed below.

Minutes of 1st MWG meeting of 12 February 2013

Minutes of 2nd MWG meeting of 28 February 2013

Minutes of 3rd MWG meeting of 27 March 2013

Minutes of 4th MWG meeting of 1 May 2013

Minutes of 5th MWG meeting of 28 May 2013

Minutes of 6th MWG meeting 24 June 2013

Minutes of 7th MWG meeting 19 July 2013

Minutes of 8th MWG meeting 29 October 2013

Minutes of 9th MWG meeting 29 November 2013

Minutes of 10th MWG meeting 19 December 2013

Minutes of 11th MWG meeting 03 February 2014

Minutes of 12th MWG meeting 07 March 2014

Minutes of 13th MWG meeting 04 April 2014

Minutes of 14th MWG meeting 02 May 2014

Minutes of 15th MWG meeting 09 June 2014

Minutes of 16th MWG meeting 11 July 2014

Minutes of 17th MWG meeting 23 July 2014

Action Plan

EPA - RPII Merger Action Plan 25 July 2013