Radiological Protection Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee to the EPA Board

The Radiological Protection Advisory Committee to the EPA Board was established in 2015 to continue to harness the expertise previously provided by the non-executive Board of the RPII prior to the merger of the two bodies.

The Committee is made up of sixteen members nominated by organisations with expertise relevant to the radiological protection functions of the EPA. The term of office of the Committee is three years. The term of office for the second Radiological Protection Advisory Committee commenced in April 2019.

Members and nominating bodies

  • Dr. Wayne Anderson (nominated by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland)
  • Mr. Antony Bexon (nominated by Public Health England)
  • Dr. Andrew Bolas (nominated by the Dental Council of Ireland)
  • Dr. Sean Curran (nominated by the Medical Council of Ireland)
  • Dr. Paul Dorfman (nominated by Nuclear Free Local Authorities)
  • Dr John Harrison (nominated by the Society of Radiation Protection)
  • Mr. Gareth Thomas (nominated by the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation)
  • Dr. Aidan Meade (nominated by the Irish Radiation Research Society)
  • Ms. Sheena Notley (nominated by the Health and Safety Authority)
  • Dr. Mary T. O'Mahony (nominated by the Health Service Executive)
  • Ms. Carol Robinson (nominated by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (DSA))
  • Mr. Michael Sadlier (nominated by the Veterinary Council)
  • Mr. Stephen Thomas (nominated by the Environment Pillar)
  • Mr. John Tuffy (nominated by the Health Information Quality Authority)
  • Mr. John Upton (nominated by the Irish Association of Physicists in Medicine)
  • Dr Luis Leon Vintro (nominated by the Royal Irish Academy)



Dr Ciara McMahon, Director of the Office of Radiation Protection and Environmental Monitoring.


Minutes of Committee Meetings

Approved minutes are available here.