Licensing Enforcement and Monitoring Application (LEMA) will be an end-to-end system, incorporating licensing, monitoring, reporting and enforcement activities from the pre-application stage through to application submission and acceptance.  It will facilitate receipt of regular monitoring data and reports, compliance assessment and reporting, risk evaluation and enforcement planning processes and other licence enforcement functions. 

The EPA has established a Framework Agreement to facilitate the provision of services for the development of LEMA.  The EPA intends to conclude one or more specific contracts in the Lots below in accordance with the general terms of the Framework Agreement, limited to those admitted to the Agreement:

     -     Lot 1     Systems Design & Development

     -     Lot 2     Web Design & Development

     -     Lot 3     GIS Development

     -     Lot 4     Reporting & Analysis

     -     Lot 5     Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

The presentations from the LEMA Information Session on 4 March 2010 can be accessed from this page.  Contact details for Consultants admitted to the framework can also be accessed here.