Air Emissions Monitoring Standards

Many standards are specified which detail the methods to be used in carrying out air emissions monitoring.  The methods to be used for different pollutants are outlined in Appendix 1 of the EPA Guidance Note AG2, where a summary of the method is also presented.  Standard IPPC licence conditions require that monitoring be carried out using CEN Standards where available (the European Committee for Standardisation, 

These standards can be purchased from the National Standards Authority of Ireland ( As a minimum personnel carrying out emissions monitoring should be fully familiar with these standards and should have a copy of the standard with them while carrying out the emissions monitoring at an IPPC/IPC installation.  The Agency encourages licensees to check this where they are using external contractors to carry out emissions monitoring.

Most licences also allow for the frequency, methods and scope of monitoring, sampling and analyses, to be altered with the agreement of the Agency.  There is therefore potential for a licensee to apply an alternative standard if they can demonstrate to the Agency that the proposed alternative standard is suitable (e.g. suitable limit of detection, accuracy, reliability, etc.).  Licensees should contact their inspector to discuss any such requests.