Waste ODS/Fgases & Prior Annual Notifications

Most refrigerants/halons/F-gases are either ozone-depleting substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases. When waste, they are considered hazardous. This means that the collection and transport of these waste gases can only be carried on by a contractor that has authorisation under waste legislation to do so in order to ensure environmental protection.

Authorisation can be either

Do you qualify for a PAN?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you must comply with waste law for the collection of waste and transport of waste gases from your client’s premises by obtaining authorisation to do so under the Waste Management Act 1996 (as amended).

How to Submit a PAN

A Prior Annual Notification can be submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency by any person intending to collect and transport waste, returned or recovered refrigerants/halons/F-gases in gas recovery containers. There is no fee for submitting a PAN. However PAN’s can only be submitted and acknowledged where the following conditions are met:

How to complete a Prior Annual Notification

PAN’s are issued on an annual basis, covering the period from 1st April to the 31st March of the following year.  Therefore you should renew your PAN every year. Once you are registered, you will receive automatic reminders by email.

Register of Prior Annual Notifications

A register of Prior Annual Notifications received and acknowledged by the EPA, in accordance with Article 30(1) of the Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2007, is maintained by the EPA.  If a refrigerant contractor is on this register, then they are entitled to transport waste ODS and F-Gases linked to their activities from a client’s premises to an authorised waste facility.  The client also has an obligation to ensure that their contractor is authorised to remove waste refrigerants from their premises. This register provides a means for the client to check if their contractor is authorised to transport waste refrigerants.

This register is available to download at http://www.epa.ie/pubs/advice/air/ods/ 

Guidance on Applying for a PAN

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