Air Quality Bulletin – PM10 March 2018

The Enviromental Protection Agency manages the national ambient air quality monitoring network. 

The daily limit for PM10 is 50 ug/m3. The limit is deemed breached if more than 35 exceedances occur during the year.  The table below shows the number of exceedances at stations in Ireland based on available data to 31 March 2018.

Station NameNumber of values
greater than
50 ug/m3
(year to date)a
Station LocationStation TypeData available toStation Operator
Rathmines 0 Dublin 6 Urban Background 31 March EPA
Ringsend 1 Dublin 4 Urban Traffic 31 March  
Winetavern Street 0 Dublin 8 Urban Traffic 10 March Dublin City Council
Phoenix Park 0 Dublin 8 Suburban Background 20 March Dublin City Council
Ballyfermot 0 Dublin 10 Suburban Background 15 March Dublin City Council
Blanchardstown 0 Dublin 15 Suburban Background 24 March Fingal County Council
Tallaght 1 Dublin 24 Suburban Traffic 12 March South Dublin County Council
Dún Laoghaire 0 Co. Dublin Suburban Background 14 March Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
South Link Road 5 Cork City Urban Traffic 8 March Cork City Council
Heatherton Park 0 Cork City Suburban Background 27 February Cork City Council
Bodkin Roundabout** n/a Galway City Suburban Traffic n/a Public Analyst's Laboratory HSE West
Ennis 3 Co. Clare Suburban Background 31 March EPA
Portlaoise 1 Co. Laois Suburban Background 31 March EPA
Dundalk 0 Co. Louth Suburban Background

31 March


Castlebar 0 Co. Mayo Suburban Background

22 March



0 Co. Mayo

Rural Background

31 March EPA
Kilkitt 0 Co. Monaghan Rural Background 19 March EPA

 *Monitoring at this station commenced in June

**Instrument is not operational


a Exceedance Dates