List of Air Quality Stations

Ongoing air quality monitoring are made at the locations below. These can also be viewed on the AQIH Map


 You can also find information on older assessments at this link.

The List below details near real-time results from the Localised particulate matter Monitoring Network. These monitors provide an indication of air quality in the area. These indicative results are not currently returned to Europe. Particulate matter 2.5 microns (PM2.5) and 10 microns (PM10) are assessed at the following locations: (For latest available data, please click on the links below)

* Monitors undergoing calibration/maintenance will have their links removed. Links will be restored once monitors have been re-installed.

Detailed information on the AQIH is available at Air Quality Index for Health. All historical EPA air quality data can be downloaded from the Air Quality Archive. All EPA air quality reports and the latest air quality bulletin can be viewed and downloaded at Reports and Bulletins. For Further details on this legislation please see Air Quality Standards.