Instructions for submitting a monitoring plan

 In order to have your monitoring plan assessed you must pay an administration fee.
To submit an annual emissions monitoring plan:

An operator whose annual emissions are estimated to be less than 10,000 tonnes shall pay a fee of €200.
All other operators shall pay a fee of €500.

Your annual emissions should be estimated for most recent year in order to decide which fee is applicable. EPA will use historical data from Eurocontrol to check if your estimate is reasonable.

Note:  Monitoring plans for annual emissions will not be approved unless the correct administration fee has been received.

1. Email with your details and you will be issued with an ETSWAP account.
2. The appropriate fee should be paid into the EPA bank account as notified to your contact point by email. If you have not received details of the payment method and our bank account please contact us at
3. When you have completed your monitoring plan in ETSWAP please save it and submit it.