Phase 4 of the EU ETS (2021-2030)

Planning for Phase 4:

While Phase 4 doesn’t commence until 1 January 2021, baseline data to enable the update of benchmarks and allow free allocations to be calculated must be collected from eligible operators by 30 May 2019. EPA held a workshop in Dublin for Operators and Verifiers of stationary installations on the revised Free Allocation Rules for Phase 4 on 27 February 2019.

Presentations from the workshop can be downloaded here 

Phase 4 Baseline Data Report template can be downloaded here

Phase 4 Monitoring Methodology Plan template can be downloaded here

Phase 4 Free Allocation Rules - Verification Report template can be downloaded here

Ireland NIMS 2019

Adjustments to free allocation of emission allowances due to activity level changes:
The rules for annual adjustments of allocation due to activity level changes are contained in the Commission Implementing Regulation EU 2019/1842 of 31 October 2019.
Starting in 2021, the operators of installations to which free allocation has been given, in accordance with Article 10a of Directive 2003/87/EC, for the trading period from 2021 until 2030 shall report annually on the activity level of each sub-installation in the preceding calendar year. In 2021, this report shall include data for 2019 and 2020.  The report must be verified by an accredited verifier, accredited to scope 98 in an EU Member State.

New entrants may apply for free allocation in the year after the first day of operations.

Further guidance is contained on the EU Commission website, scroll down to the Phase 4 section.

The activity level changes report template for new entrants, cessations and annual activity level can be downloaded here.

The verification report template for the activity level changes report can be downloaded here.