Monitoring reporting and verification

The installation operator should have regard to the following in relation to monitoring and reporting in Phase III.

The Monitoring and Reporting Regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) No. 601/2012 of 21 June 2012) (hereinafter the "MRR"), defines requirements for monitoring and reporting. 

Accreditation and Verification Regulation (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/2067 of 19 December 2018) (hereinafter the “AVR”)

The above Legislation is amended and updated from time to time, please refer to the European Commissions Website for amendments and updates.

Guidance documents, templates and FAQs in relation to MRR and AVR are available on the European Commission website at the following location:

How to Find an Accredited Verifier:

The European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) is hosting a list of links to all national accreditation bodies (NABs). They in turn publish lists with accredited verifiers.

Please also see the Directory of EA Members and MLA Signatories and search under scope for “Full Members” for “Validation and Verification”.

Note that you may choose verifiers accredited in any EU Member State. You can only contract a verifier whose scope of accreditation covers the activities of your installation. As the responsible National Accreditation Body can withdraw or suspend accreditation or reduce the accreditation scope you must check if the verifier’s accreditation and scope is valid for the period of the required verification.


Download the following:


Follow procedure on “how to apply for a permithere

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