How to apply for a Permit?

This section is only relevant if you are applying for a new greenhouse gas emissions permit or you require confirmation as to whether you have any obligations under the EU ETS Ireland.

As a first step:  Please read "Who needs a permit?" to ascertain the scope of activity and thresholds for which an organisation must apply for a GHG emissions permit.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit

For information regarding applications for a Green House Gas Emissions Permit please email to establish relevant data required by the EPA.

Please note that all operators in receipt of a GHG emission permit must initiate opening an account on the Union Registry – see below.

Transfer of Installation to a New Operator

Where a new Operator is to take control of an installation, the Operator details, as specified in the GHG emissions permit must reflect this change. In this situation, an installation transfer is required. Typically, an installation transfer applies when the existing Operator sells one or more of its installations to another company.

Applications for the transfer of a GHG emissions permit from the existing Operator to another proposed Operator (Transferee), must be made jointly by both parties by using the Joint Application for the Transfer of a GHG Permit (IRL ETS 013-03). The completed form should be submitted as part of a Permit Variation Application on ETSWAP.

Once the Joint Application has been approved by the EPA, the GHG emissions permit will be issued to the proposed Operator/Transeree. The new Operator/Transferee will then be responsible for all legal obligations as required under the GHG emissions permit.

Allocation from the New Entrant Reserve

For information regarding application to the New Entrant Reserve please see

All related queries should be sent to

Download an application form for the New Entrant Reserve

In accordance with Article 17(2) of the CIM’s Member States shall only accept New Entrant applications that are submitted to the Competent Authority within one year following the start of normal operation of the installation or sub-installation concerned.  Access to the New Entrant Reserve is based on a “first come first served” principle based on the notification date which is the date of submission of the complete and verified set of data that are required for the calculation of the allocation by the Competent Authority to the Commission.  Further information which can be downloaded by following this link



Union Registry Account

To open an account or to amend details of an existing Union Registry account please email


Follow this link for further information regarding the Union Registry