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Ireland's National Allocation Plan 2008-2012 (NAP2) provides for two "Set-Asides" from which allowances can be allocated to new developments due to start operating before 31 December 2012 and which require an updated  Greenhouse Gas Emission Permit for increased permitted capacity.

Allocations are made on a first-come basis, with priority determined by the date of receipt of written applications to us from those meeting all the necessary requirements at the time of application (except for the first month after publication of the NAP on 4 March 2008 when priority was assigned according to the date of when full planning permission was obtained).

New Entrant Set-Aside (NESA)

Allocations are made from the New Entrant Set-Aside as outlined in Appendix 3(i) of the National Allocation Plan, on a free-of-charge basis from a general set-aside of 8,884,870 allowances.

Applications for allowances are made to the Climate Change Unit of the Office of Climate Licensing and Resource Use (OCLR) of the EPA.  All applications are assessed against the rules in the NAP and a New Entrant Verification Report is prepared by the Climate Change Unit.  This report approves or rejects the application and gives the basis for the relevant emissions to be used when calculating the allocation, where allowances are still available in the relevant set-aside.

The Board of the EPA have decided that these verification reports will be made available on the EPA's website for comment by the applicant and all interested third parties.  The reports will be open for comment for 10 working days. 

All comments received will be collated as soon as possible at the end of this period and made available on the website.

The applicant or any third party who has made an objection within the ten working days is entitled to make comments for a further ten working days from the date of publication of the collated objections.

Valid objections by the applicant or any third party will be considered by a technical committee.  The technical committee prepares a report on the objections(s) and forwards this to the Director OCLR for decision.  Where appropriate the Director OCLR may decide that the objections from the applicant and/or third parties and the technical committee report should be put before the EPA Board.

Once the Director OCLR or the EPA Board have made a decision on the New Entrant Verification Report an allocation for that application will be determined and the New Entrant Verification Report and the Allocation Memo will be published on the web for information.


Appendix 3 of the final NAP can be downloaded here as a pdf file

A flow diagram summarising the procedure for assessment of the NESA/CHP applications by the EPA can be downloaded here

Guidance for assessors on the validation of projections in set-aside application period 2008-2012 (NAP2)

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Set Aside

Allocations will also be made from the CHP Set-Aside of 750,000 allowances as outlined in Appendix (2) of the National Allocation Plan, on a free-of-charge basis.
Where the thermal output from a new CHP plant is:

a) displacing energy plant previously in receipt of an allocation, we calculate allowances for installations with such CHP plants from the emissions associated with its agreed anticipated electricity generation as if it were a best new entrant CCGT gas-fired power plant; or

b) In cases other than (a) above, agreed projected increased emissions will be used, with the fraction assigned to electricity generation and a fraction calculated for thermal energy production both coming from the CHP set-aside.

View Register of Applicants for New Entrant and CHP Set-Aside as at 19th March 2013.

How to apply

To apply for a provisional placement on the Register of Applicants for New Entrant and CHP Set Asides, download and complete the Set Aside Application Form.
Submit the competed form by post, preferably registered, to:
Emissions Trading Unit,
Environmental Protection Agency,
Regional Inspectorate,
McCumiskey House,
Clonskeagh Road,
Dublin 14. 

As the issuance of allowances is subject to the possession of a valid Greenhouse Gas Emission Permit, you should also apply for a new or updated permit using the permit application form available on our website.


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