Clean Development Project (CDM)

The basic project cycle for a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project is as follows:-

  • Design:  The project participants submit information on their proposed project in the project design document (PDD).
  • Validation:  The process of independent evaluation of a project activity by a designated operation entity (DOE).  Once the DOE has validated the project, it can be submitted to the CDM executive board for registration. Prior to submitting the project for registration, the DOE should get a letter of approval from all parties involved in the project.  Further, the DOE must publish the PDD on their website for a period of 30 days for public comment.
  • Registration:  The formal acceptance by the Executive Board of a project.  The project is registered by the Executive Board eight weeks after receipt of the request for registration, unless a Party involved in the project or at least three members of the Executive Board request a review.  During this eight week period the PDD is published on the UNFCC website.
  • Monitoring:  Monitoring of the project activity by project participants in accordance with the monitoring plan submitted in the PDD.
  • Verification/Certification:  Verification is the periodic independent review by the designated operation entity (DOE) of the monitored reductions of the project.  Certification is the written assurance by the DOE that a project activity achieved the reductions as verified.
  • Issuance: The certification report consititutes a request for issuance to the Executive Board. Parties involved in the project and the Executive Board have a period of 15 days to request a review of issuance. After 15 days the issuance is final and CERS can be issued for the project.

Further Information

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