Incident Notifications

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes notifications of incidents at licensed facilities that have required investigation. We put these notifications online as soon as we receive them, in order to alert the public as quickly as possible.

When our investigation is complete, we update the incident notification. The update indicates whether we have considered or taken enforcement action. 

Notices are archived two months after being updated, and details of all reported incidents are kept on public file at our regional offices and on site at the relevant company.

Reporting incidents to the EPA

Our priority in all cases is to ensure that the necessary management practices are in place to eliminate the causes of the incident and protect the environment. 

Licensees are also required by their licence conditions to notify us of any of the following incidents as soon as practicable after they occur :

  • An emergency
  • Any emission which does not comply with the licence requirements
  • Any exceedence of the daily duty capacity of the waste handling equipment
  • Any trigger level specified in the licence which is attained or exceeded
  • Any indication that environmental pollution has, or may have, taken place

Where an incident occurs outside business hours, licensees should contact us at 1890 33 55 99.  This line is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Details regarding reporting of environmental incidents are contained in Guidance to Licensees on the Notification, Management and Communication of Environmental Incidents. 

Reporting incidents to Emergency Response Agencies

If an incident is potentially a threat to human health or to the environment, licensees are also obliged to alert the relevant designated Emergency Response Agency – local authority, Gardaí, or the Health Services Executive - so that the incident may be contained.

If the incident involves discharges to a sewer or to water you must also notify the   Sanitary Authority and the Regional Fisheries Board, as set out in your licence conditions.

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