Gas Networks Ireland Limerick Gasworks Remediation Project

EPA Licence Register Number W0281-01

Public Information Page

Opened 31 July 2020

The EPA has received a large number of complaints from the public about odour, noise and dust problems caused by the Limerick Gasworks Remediation Project at Dock Road, Limerick City.

The project is being undertaken by the site’s owner, Gas Networks Ireland, under EPA Licence W0281, and involves the remediation of the former Coal Gas and Oil Gas manufacturing facility which operated on the site up until 1986.

The Licence and related Application and Enforcement information may be accessed at:

W0281-01 Gas Networks Ireland

This page will be used to provide ongoing updates to the public about the compliance status of the licence and EPA’s enforcement activities.

Latest Update 21st December 2020

Ambient Air Monitoring Survey 6th February - 1st December 2020

Previous Notifications

Status Update No. 4 30/09/2020

Status Update No. 3 01/09/2020

Ambient Air Monitoring Survey 6th February - 17th July 2020

Status Update No. 2 25/08/2020

Public Notice 17th August 2020

Status Update No1 31/07/20

Ambient Air Monitoring Survey 6th February-17th June 2020


Making Environmental Complaints

The Environmental Complaints section of the EPA website can be used to make complaints of an environmental nature using this Form:

Online Complaint Form

All complaints reported this way are captured by our internal enforcement system and are immediately viewable by enforcement inspectors. By using this method, you are guaranteed that your complaint will be received and acted upon quickly by the relevant enforcement team.