The EPA has launched a new PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) Map which brings the PRTR data into the EPA’s existing GIS Maps framework.

You can access the PRTR GIS Map at

The new PRTR map provides access to PRTR data using the GIS Map, or the data can be searched using Basic and Advanced Search functions.


The PRTR map shows all PRTR facilities reported since 2009. These are facilities that:

(a) carried out a PRTR Activity above the relevant capacity threshold, and

(b) released a PRTR pollutant above the specified reporting threshold and/or transferred waste offsite above the relevant reporting thresholds,

in a given year.

The default PRTR map shows all PRTR facilities for all years.


To see the facilities for each PRTR sector on the map, use the ‘PRTR Sector’ dropdown menu in the page header to switch the individual map layers on or off for each PRTR sector, or you can use the Layers button

Data for a specific facility can be found by zooming in on the map and clicking on the facility, or by using the PRTR Search box.

To access PRTR Help, Map Tools and the PRTR Search just click on the Tools button


PRTR activities and capacity thresholds, PRTR pollutants and reporting thresholds, and waste reporting thresholds are specified in the PRTR legislation (EC Regulation no. 166 of 2006, S.I. 123 of 2007, S.I. 649 of 2011). Further information on PRTR is available at

Note that the data published on the PRTR Map is updated from the EPA database every night, so slight variation between the EPA PRTR Map and the European PRTR website may occur depending on which website was updated most recently.

Further help on using the GIS Map is available at