EPA Accessible Information Policy


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is committed to providing information and services that are accessible to all, including the availability of accessible information for people with disabilities.  This means accommodating specific requirements or accessibility needs where feasible.  


Section 28 of the Disability Act 2005 states that :-

  1. Where a public body communicates with one or more persons, the head of the body shall ensure – (a) if the communication is an oral one and the person or persons aforesaid has a hearing impairment and so requests, or(b) if the communication is a written one and the person or persons aforesaid has a visual impairment and so requests, that, as far as practicable, the contents of the communication are communicated in a form that is accessible to the persons concerned.
  2. Where a public body communicates in electronic form with one or more persons, the head of the body shall ensure, that as far as practicable, the contents of the communication are accessible to persons with a visual impairment to whom adaptive technology is available.
  3. The head of a public body shall ensure, as far as practicable, that information published by the body, which contains information relevant to persons with intellectual disabilities, is in clear language that is easily understood by those persons.

The Code of Practice on Accessibility of Public Services and information provided by Public Bodies  provides further information on how a public sector body is expected to meet these requirements.


In this policy the EPA is committed to ensuring, where practicable, that information available to the public is available in an accessible format.

Plain English: We will use plain English in publications for the general public, such as leaflets, web pages and information booklets. 

Provision of written material in alternative formats: Where practicable and appropriate, EPA publications aimed at the general public will be available in an accessible format on request.  The EPA will consider all requests for alternative formats on a case by case basis.  Accessible formats will include:

Examples of Accessible Formats available: The EPA will ensure that other significant policy and strategy documents and reports are readily available in a range of accessible formats.  Examples of such documents currently available are:

Public meetings and events: Appropriate assistance will be provided to people with disabilities to access information on the wide range of services that are provided by the EPA in the following ways:

Sign Language Interpreters and Real Time Captioning providers will accept and abide by the organisation’s confidentiality policy.

Policy Commitments

The EPA will:

Policy Evaluation

This policy will be evaluated on a regular basis through the following methods:

Requests for information in alternative formats

Requests for alternative formats of EPA information can be emailed to info@epa.ie, for the attention of the Publications Officer, or by phone to 00353 53 916 0642.


Any queries or complaints regarding this policy should be forwarded to:

The Quality Customer Service (QCS) Officer
Environmental Protection Agency
PO Box 3000
Johnstown Castle Estate
Co Wexford.
Tel: 053 9160600
Fax: 053 9160699
Email: qcsofficer@epa.ie

Letting people know about this policy

The EPA will make sure that the public are informed about this policy through future relevant publicity material, information on publications and on the website.

Communications Officer

September 2008