National Priority Sites

The EPA has developed a system to rank industrial and waste licensed sites in order of priority for enforcement. The National Priority Sites List will be used to target our enforcement effort at the poorest performing sites in order to drive improvements in environmental compliance.

A score is assigned to each facility based on enforcement factors such as complaints, incidents, compliance investigations (CIs), and non-compliances (NCs) with the licence. Further details about the system and how the scores are allocated.

The EPA updates the National Priority Sites list on a quarterly basis.

National Priority Sites List

The following are the National Priority Sites for the period 1st January 2020 to 30th June 2020. This list was published in July 2020.

Reg No Site Name County
 P0110-02  Arran Chemical Company  Roscommon
 P0812-01  Arrow Group *  Kildare
 W0281-01  Gas Networks Ireland - Limerick Gasworks  Limerick
 W0205-01  Greyhound Recycling & Recovery  Dublin
 W0217-02  Killarney Waste Disposal Unlimited Company   Kerry
 P0571-04  Merck Millipore Limited  Cork
 W0023-01  Raffeen Landfill Site (Cork County Council)  Cork
 P0801-01  Tipperary Co-operative Creamery Limited  Tipperary

 *Arrow Group Limited includes the activities at this licensed site of Dawn Farm Foods Ltd, TCFG Naas Ltd (also known as The Culinary Food Group), QK Coldstores Ltd, Dawn Farms Distribution Ltd, and Maudlins Waste Management Ltd.