Site Visits

The EPA visits industrial and waste licensed facilities to assess compliance and overall environmental performance. The visits can involve monitoring of emissions to air, water, or noise, odour assessments, and/or an assessment of compliance with licence conditions. The EPA issues a report for each visit and these site visit reports are made available on the EPA’s website ( The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) sets out a minimum standard for visiting facilities. The period between two site visits must be based on an assessment of environmental risks, and must not exceed one year for high risk sites and three years for low risk sites. Summary information for Site Inspections during Q1 2021 are provided in the table and charts below.

In reaction to the movement restrictions during the Covid 19 pandemic the EPA adapted its inspection practices in order to ensure licence enforcement inspection work continued. The EPA continued to carry out visits to facilities where it was considered necessary (e.g. complaint investigation, incident response, etc) and where all Covid 19 related precautions could be complied with. The EPA also developed a new type of inspection known as a Remote Compliance Assessment (RCA). RCAs are an inspection of licence compliance that is carried out remotely using an online communciation platform where the site operator can share documentation, live video footage, photographs and live monitoring data with the EPA in order to assess and verify licence compliance.

Site Visits Summary for Q1 2021

Site Inspections Q1 2021


Site Visits in Q1 2021

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