Completed Citizen Science Projects

Completed projects for the Citizen Science Initiatives are listed below.

NUI Galway / Air Quality Image for Citizen Science webpages

NUI Galway / EPA Air Quality Study (2017)

This project engaged transition year students from four schools in Dublin and Galway to monitor air quality in their environment, in collaboration with the EPA Air Quality Programme and the Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies (NUIG).  The pilot study included the provision of a system of sensors to measure particulate matter, ozone, temperature and relative humidity.  These sensors were calibrated and characterized for use by NUIG; data collated and imported to a website by the students; and then evaluated with the support of a facilitator from NUIG.  The study enabled the students to learn more about air quality both in their locality and nationally.

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The EPA has participated in an international citizen science project to map ambient radioactivity levels: Safecast.  This project evolved in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in 2011.  Citizen scientists purchase and build a GPS enabled radiation monitor that can be used by anyone.  This monitor is relatively inexpensive, easy to build and its performance has been tested in the EPA radiation calibration facility.  This testing showed that the monitor is both reliable and accurate.  The monitor allows users to take radiation measurements and GPS co-ordinates and the data is then openly shared on the Safecast website.  The EPA used this monitor to map external radiation levels throughout Ireland.  All measurements show normal background levels of radiation at all locations.

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Trinity College Dublin / Irish Times

Trinity College Dublin is working with The Irish Times to carry out research through citizen science.  To date, research has been carried out on the influence of light on the environment, our perception of vaccinations and pollinators.

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