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Although citizen science is a relatively new term, citizens have been participating in and contributing to scientific research for years. The widespread use of smartphones means that scientific data can now be very easily shared and mapped, resulting in a rapid increase in the number and type of citizen science research projects. A number of organisations and projects have been established to help the coordination and communication of citizen science across Europe.

COST image - European Coopertion in Science and Technology

European Cooperation in Science and TEchnology (COST)

The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) framework supports trans-national cooperation among researchers, industry and academics across Europe.  This organisation is funding a COST Action to support the European Citizen Science Association in the networking of over 200 citizen scientists in 37 countries. 

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EU Horizon 2020

The EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme has funded a three year (2016-2019) project “Doing it Together” (DITO).  DITO is funding 11 partners to work with science galleries, museums and art institutions to engage people with citizen science in Europe.

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European Citizen Science Association

The European Citizen Science Association (ESCA) is a non-profit association set up to encourage the growth of the citizen science movement in Europe, mainly by initiating and supporting citizen science projects as well as performing research on citizen science.

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European Commission

The European Commission recognises the potential of citizen science to contribute to environmental reporting in its recent report on Actions to Streamline Environmental Reporting and is currently working to develop guidelines regarding the use of citizen science data to complement official data.

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