Ireland’s Environment - An Assessment 2016 provides an update on environmental challenges that we face both nationally and globally.  The report adds to a range of thematic and research reports available from the EPA that cover many of the issues report on in more detail.  Download the data and graphs associated with each chapter of this report below.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Figure 1.1 Seven Key Environmental Messages for Ireland View graphs/data
Chapter 2 - Air Quality & Transboundary Air Emissions
Figure 2.1 PM10 Concentrations in Europe in 2013 View graphs/data
Figure 2.2 Impacts of Air Pollution View graphs/data
Figure 2.3 Air Pollution in Ireland View graphs/data
Figure 2.4 Annual Mean Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations View graphs/data
Figure 2.5 Annual Mean PM10 Concentrations View graphs/data
Figure 2.6 Eight-hour Average and Daily Maximum Values Observed at Ozone Monitoring Stations Across Ireland in 2014 View graphs/data
Figure 2.7 NOx Emission Sources and Trends View graphs/data
Chapter 3 - Climate
Figure 3.1 Schematic of Atmospheric Factors that Determine the Global Energy Balance View graphs/data
Figure 3.2 Global Sea Level Rise Data View graphs/data
Figure 3.3 National Total GHG Emissions by Sector View graphs/data
Figure 3.4 GHG Emissions by Gas View graphs/data
Figure 3.5 Emissions of GHG (CO2 equivalent per capita) in Ireland View graphs/data
Figure 3.6 GHG Emissions (t CO2 per person) in EU View graphs/data
Figure 3.7 GHG Emissions Projections View graphs/data
Chapter 4 - Nature
Figure 4.1 - Linkages between biodiversity policy from national to global scale View graph/data

Figure 4.2- Current Status and Trends of Ireland's Habitats

View graph/data
Figure 4.3 - Current Status and Trends of Ireland's Species View graph/data
Figure 4.4 - Longterm Trends in Ireland's Breeding and Wintering Bird Populations View graph/data
Figure 4.5 - Map of Blackcap View Map
Figure 4.6 - All Ireland Pollinator Plan View Image
Figure 4.7 - The Cascade Model View Image


Chapter 5 - Inland & Marine Waters 
Figure 5.1 - The Real Map of Ireland View Map
Figure 5.2 - Surface water bodies in Different River Basin Districts View Map
Figure 5.3 - Percentage of groundwater bodies in poor quantitative status in 2009 per RBD View Map
Figure 5.4 - Trends in the 13,3000km Baseline for Rivers Nationally View graphs/data
Figure 5.5 - Long term trends (1987-2015) in the % Number of High Ecological Quality Sites View graphs/data
Figure 5.6 - Water Assessment for Rivers, Lakes, Esturaries Coastal Water (2013-2015) and Groundwater (2010-2012) View graphs/data
Figure 5.7 - Nitrate Concentrations in Groundwater in 2014 View Map
Figure 5.8 - Aquaculture Production Between 1990 and 2014 View graphs/data
Figure 5.9 - New Governance Structure for Managing Water Resources in Ireland View Image
Figure 5.10 - Changes in the Number of River Basin Districts in the ROI Between Cycle 1 (2009-2015) and Cycle 2 (2016-2021) View Maps
Figure 5.11 - Reasons for Breaches of the Good Agricultural Practices Regulations in 2014 View graphs/data
Figure 5.12 - Reasons for Failures of Inspections of Domestic Eastewater Treatment Systems View graphs/data
Figure 5.13 - Compliance of 174 Large Urban Areas with BOD, COD & TSS View graphs/data
Figure 5.14 - Coccolithophorid Bloom View Image
Chapter 6 - Waste
Figure 6.1 - Performance Targets Under Waste Management Plans View Image 
Figure 6.2 - Waste Hierarchy View Image
Figure 6.3 - Waste Intensity of Goods Consumed by Households 2001 to 2014 View Graphs/Data
Figure 6.4 - Waste Generation 2014 View Graphs/Data
Figure 6.5 - Residual Waste Exported and Imported for Use as a Fuel View Graphs/Data 
Figure 6.6 - BMW Disposed to Landfill, Landfill Levy and Number of Active Landfills View Graphs/Data 
Figure 6.7 - Household Waste Generated per capita in Ireland Compared to EU Average View Graphs/Data 
Figure 6.8 - Destination of Exported Hazardous Waste View Graphs/Data 
Figure 6.9 - Treatment of Hazardous Waste 2014  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 6.10 - National Inventory of Disused Sources 2006-2015  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 6.11 - Municipal Waste Accepted for Composting/Anaerobic Digestion, 2005-2015  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 6.12 - Sources of Marine Litter  View Image
Table 6.1 - Progress Towards EU Recovery and Recycling Targets View Table
Table 6.2 - Waste Infrastructure Capacities in Ireland View Table 
Chapter 7 - Land & Soil
Figure 7.1 - CORINE 2010 Land Use & Landcover Map View Map 
Figure 7.2 - CORINE Landcover Maps View Map
Figure 7.3 - Forest Area Change 1922-2014 View Graphs/Data 
Figure 7.4 - Offsite Management of Contaminated Soils from Ireland 2009-2012 View Graphs/Data 
Figure 7.5 - National Soil Map of Ireland View Map
Figure 7.6 - The Landscape Wheel View Image 
Table 7.1 - CORINE Landcover, Land Use Classes and Land Use Change View Table
Table 7.2 - Changes in Peatlands Between 2007 and 2013 View Table
Chapter 8 - Environment Health and Wellbeing
Figure 8.1 - Health Model View Graphs/Data 
Figure 8.2 - Health Profile 2015: Wexford View Graphs/Data 
Figure 8.3 - Breakdown of Odour Complaints by Sector in 2014 View Graphs/Data 
Figure 8.4 - Number of Public Water Supplies in which E.coli was Detected in Compliance Monitoring, 2005-2014 View Graphs/Data 
Figure 8.5 - Annual Number of Cryptosporidiosis Cases in Ireland, 2004-2015 View Graphs/Data
Figure 8.6 - Private Wells Infographic View Infographic
Figure 8.7 - Areas Without Wastewater Treatment View Map
Figure 8.8 - Sources of Radiation in Ireland View Graphs/Data 
Figure 8.9 - Radon Entry Points View Graphs/Data 
Table 8.1 - Drinking Water Supply Types in Ireland View Table 
Table 8.2 - Chemical Contamination of Drinking Water View Table
Chapter 9 - Environment and the Economy
Figure 9.1 - Sustainable Development Paradigm View Image 
Figure 9.2 - Ireland: Resource Efficiency  View Graphs/Data
Figure 9.3 - Ireland: Resource Productivity  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 9.4 - Global Goals for Sustainable Development View Image 
Figure 9.5 - Circular Economy - Material Flow Aspects  View Image 
Figure 9.6 - Five Pillars of CSR, and Four Key Elements of the Environment Pillar  View Image 
Figure 9.7 - Origin Green  View Image‌
Figure 9.8 - Musgrave Group Sustainability Commitment  View Image 
Figure 9.9 - Environment and Economic Growth Survey  View Graphs/Data 
Chapter 10 - Environment & Transport
Figure 10.1 - Transport Greenhouse Gas Emissions View Graphs/Data 
Figure 10.2 - Particulate Matter, Inventories and Projections by Transport Type View Graphs/Data
Figure 10.3 - Environmental Noise Map of Cork City  View Map 
Figure 10.4 - Travel to Work by Mode View Graphs/Data 
Figure 10.5 - Cyclists Crossing the Canal in the Morning Peak  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 10.6 - Share of New Cars by Emission Band  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 10.7 - Modal Shift for Walking & Cycling View Graphs/Data 
Chapter 11 - Environment & Energy
Figure 11.1 - Ireland's Energy Requirements by Sector View Graphs/Data 
Figure 11.2 - Fuels Used for Energy in 2014  View Graphs/Data
Figure 11.3 - Fuel Types Used for Electrical Power Generation in Ireland  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 11.4 - Distribution of BER Certified Homes in 2014  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 11.5 - Average BER Rating of Dwellings Constructed Since 1900 View Graphs/Data
Table 11.1 - Residential Energy Use in Ireland View Table
Chapter 12 - Environment & Agriculture
Figure 12.1 - Structure of Farming in Ireland View Graphs/Data 
Figure 12.2 - Farms by Type from the National Farms Structure Survey  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 12.3 - Breakdown of Farming Enterprises and Viability Category  View Image 
Figure 12.4 - GHG Emissions from Agriculture and Associated Land  View Graphs/Data 
Figure 12.5 - High Nature Value Farming Potential View Map
Figure 12.6 - Modelled Family Farm Income View Map
Figure 12.7 - Map of Farm Hazardous Waste Collections View Map
Figure 12.8 - Average Nitrate Concentrations in Waters View Graphs/Data
Figure 12.9 - Smartfarming Programme View Image


Chapter 13 - Environmental Challenges & Emerging Issues for Ireland 
Table 13.1 An Indicative Summary of Environmental Trends View Table
Table 13.2 Summary Report on Progress with the Four Key Challenges Listed in the State of Environment Report 2012 View Table
Figure 13.1 Seven Key Environmental Messages for Ireland on the State of Environment in 2016 View Graphs/Data
Figure 13.2 Ireland's Sources of Greenhouse Gases View Graphs/Data
Figure 13.3 See It Say It View Graphs/Data
 20 Years of State of Environment Reporting View Image