Contained use of GMOs

Contained Use of GMOs


Directive 2009/41/EC covers the Contained Use of Genetically Modified Micro-organisms (GMMs).
This Directive has been transposed into Irish Law under the GMO (Contained Use) Regulations 2001-2010 comprising:

• The GMO (Contained Use) Regulations S.I. No 73 of 2001; and,
• The GMO (Contained Use) (Amendment) Regulations S.I. No 442 of 2010.

Directive 2009/41/EC only applies to GMMs (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, animal and plant cells in culture). However, the scope of the national regulations has been broadened to include Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs, GM plants and/or GM animals).

What is Contained Use?

Contained use refers to the use of physical barriers or the combined use of physical barriers, to limit contact between the GMO and the environment and to provide protection for the general public. As well as being physical, barriers can be chemical (use of disinfectants) and/or biological (nutritional requirements).
In Ireland the contained use of GMOs is predominantly carried out in in laboratories in  colleges/universities, hospitals, industry (e.g. biopharmaceutical companies).