Waste Licence Exemptions

Certain Waste Activities are exempt from licensing or permiting under the Waste Management Act 1996 as amended:

 Section 39(7) exemptions:

  • waste operations at an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) facility
  • household waste disposed of within the curtilage of the same dwelling
  • deposit of litter in a litter bin
  • transfer of waste to a Local Authority, UDC, Borough Council, or IPPC activity

Section 51 exemption:

  • sludge for use in agriculture

Temporary Storage of waste on the site of its production:

  • Classes D15 and R13 of the Third and Fourth Schedules of the above Acts.  See also the definition of temporary storage in Section 4(1) of the above Acts.
  • certain limitations for WEEE (see Article 39(1a) of SI 340 of 2005)

Other Temporary Storage:

  • Storage of <180m3 take-back tyres at tyre suppliers
  • Storage by registered charities of certain WEEE (see Article 39(1b) of SI 340 of 2005

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Waste Management Act 1996

Note:- The Waste Management Act 1996 has been amended by the following:-

Protection of the Environment Act, 2003