Watch live stream of Oral Hearing

The Oral Hearing was live streamed from Wednesday 2nd December 2020 to Wednesday 9th December 2020 inclusive.

Live Streaming of the Oral Hearing has concluded. 

What happens after the Oral Hearing?

On completion of an Oral Hearing, the Chariperson will submit a report of the Oral Hearing to the Board of the EPA.  In this report, the Chariperson must make a recommendation to grant or refuse the licence.  The Board of the Agency must consider the report and the recommendations made by the Chairperson before making its decision.

No other documentation will be accepted/considered after the Oral Hearing.

Oral Hearing on the Proposed Determination

for Irish Cement Limited, Limerick (P0029-06)

The links below are provided to help people to participate in and locate information regarding the Oral Hearing on the Proposed Determination that issued to Irish Cement Limited, Castlemungret, Limerick (Licence Reg. No. P0029-06).


The Hearing will start on Wednesday 02 December at 10am and will be held remotely.

How to participate

Members of the public who have lodged a valid objection have been invited to participate in the Oral Hearing.

Once the hearing has commenced any member of the public may request an opportunity to participate in the proceedings by emailing 

Such requests can only be made once the hearing has commenced and approval to participate is at the discretion of the Chairperson of the Oral Hearing.

Member of the Public participation

The Oral Hearing was live streamed but has now concluded. 

Licence Application

Detailed information on the licence application, the Proposed Determination and submissions received are available at: Reg. No. P0029-06 Irish Cement Limited, Mungret, Limerick

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) on EPA Oral Hearing Process

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Licence Application Process

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