A submission is written comments / observations on a licence application and any such plans, maps, reports, documents and other information and particulars (including an environmental impact statement) which are submitted by the applicant.

Who can make a submission?

Any person (including the applicant) can make a submission on a licence application to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Agency will take comments regarding a Waste Water Discharge application or Certificate of Authorisation application, into account.

How can I make a submission?

You can make a submission either online, by post or by emailing the Agency at  If you intend to submit video footage as part of a submission, it must be in MP4 format.  Any other format will not be accepted.

When can I make a submission?

Submissions on a licence application can be made
- Once the application has been received by the EPA and
- Before the Board of the EPA makes its decision

It is important to lodge your submission as early as possible, as late submissions cannot be considered.  All submissions we receive are acknowledged in writing.

How will I know what the EPA’s decision is?

Anyone who makes a valid submission will be notified that the Agency has made its decision and that the decision is available to view on the Agency's website.

Withdrawal of a Submission

A submission may be withdrawn by the submitter at any time prior to it being considered by the Board of the Agency.

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