Reviews of SEA Effectiveness

First Review of SEA Effectiveness in Ireland

In 2012, we published the findings of a review into how effectively the SEA Directive has been implemented in Ireland since its transposition in 2004. The findings are summarised in the following reports:

In 2017 the EPA, in association with the other four SEA environmental authorities, initiated a review of the progress made to date in the delivery of the various actions and recommendations in the SEA Effectiveness Review in Ireland Action Plan 2012–2016. The findings of this review are summarised in the following document:

To drive further progress in the implementation of those actions which are not progressed or only partially delivered, an updated and extended SEA Action Plan for the time period 2018- 2020 (SEA Effectiveness Review Action Plan 2018-2018) has also been published:


Second Review of SEA Effectiveness in Ireland

A second Review of SEA Effectiveness in Ireland commenced in March 2018. The 18-month EPA-funded research project (2017-NC-MS-8) is being led by UCD, in collaboration with RPS and Levett-Therivel consultants. The project goal is to assess the progress made in implementing the SEA Directive in Ireland, to identify areas where further improvements are required and to provide guidance and make recommendations on the actions needed to address any identified issues. An overview of the project is provided in the following project newsletters:

Newsletter 1. (June 2018)

Newsletter 2. (October 2018)

Further information on this project will be provided on this page in due course.


EC Implementation Reports

The second European Commission Implementation Report on the SEA Directive was published in 2017. This report presents the experience gained in applying the Directive in Member States between 2007 and 2014. It follows on from the first Implementation Report which was published in 2009.