Refusal of landfill remediation application by Roadstone Dublin Ltd at Blessington

Date released: Feb 10 2006

The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed its earlier decision to refuse permission to Roadstone Dublin Limited to construct an engineered landfill for the disposal of waste at its site in Blessington, Co Wicklow. 

The EPA requires all potentially polluting wastes to be excavated, processed and dispatched off-site for safe disposal in authorised facilities.  

Roadstone is required to reinstate and landscape the excavated areas with inert materials.

The licensed activities are restricted to the remediation and removal of the historical waste at the Roadstone site.  The importation of waste to the site is specifically prohibited.

Comprehensive requirements for the control of the excavation, processing and disposal of the historical waste are set out.  Dust, gas and contaminated water emissions are to be safely managed and monitored during the remediation and restoration programme.  

In addition, the EPA will appoint, and have on site, an independent technical expert to oversee the remediation programme and report to the EPA on a regular basis.  

The remediation programme will eliminate the environmental risks associated with this site and provide a high level of protection of the environment and public health. On completion of the programme, there will be no residual environmental issues of any significance associated with the site or its environs as a result of the historical illegal waste activities.

The licence requires that monitoring of the facility will continue after the removal of the waste. 

The EPA is satisfied that the decision offers the best solution to the problems posed by the illegally dumped waste, and addresses the concerns of the local community and others who made submissions by providing .for the immediate remediation of the site and is fully in line with the Ministerial Policy Direction of May 3, 2005.

Related documentation is available for download from the EPA web site at