Metal Pollution of River Sediment in Certain Sections of the Drish and Rossestown Rivers

Date released: Apr 27 2006

On 26th April 2006 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received results of analysis on river sediment, taken from the Drish River (also known as the Black River) and the Rossestown River, from Anglo American Lisheen Mining Ltd.  Both these rivers are tributaries of the River Suir in North County Tipperary. These analytical results relate to monitoring of metals in the river sediment.  The results received by the EPA show unsatisfactorily high levels of metals, including lead and zinc, in river sediment. 

Testing of the river water indicates that it is unpolluted.

As a precautionary measure the EPA, in consultation with other relevant authorities, is providing the following advice to ensure that any risk to users of the river is minimised:

  • Animals, including farm animals such as cattle and sheep, should not be allowed direct access to the affected stretches of the rivers.  The EPA will notify farmers in the area of this advice.
  • Dredging or other river works should not take place at these locations until further notice.

Notifications to this effect are being issued to the relevant parties in the affected areas advising of the restriction of certain activities associated with the river.  The Southern Regional Fisheries Board is issuing an additional notice regarding fishing to the relevant parties. 

Anglo American Lisheen Mining Limited, Killoran, Moyne, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. (EPA Licence Reg. No. 550) is working with the EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement in relation to the remediation of these stretches of river and eliminating any further risks of pollution.