Suspected Contamination of soil at South Park, Claddagh, Galway

Date released: Dec 13 2006

The EPA became aware of suspected high levels of metals in soil at South Park, Claddagh, Galway in June 2006.  At that time the EPA advised Galway City Council on the scope of investigative work that was required to be done and requested Galway City Council to verify the initial result of soil analysis.  The Council was also advised to undertake immediate works to cover exposed bare areas to avoid any potential risk to the environment or human health.

In November the Council reported to the EPA on the results of their soil analysis and their programme of works for further investigations and remediation work where necessary.

The HSE has reported that there is no evidence to date of adverse health effects and is satisfied the current precautionary measures are sufficient to protect public health.  The focus of further work by Galway City Council is to determine any potential environmental risk and deal with any risk identified.  The Council was advised by the EPA to communicate its proposed actions to the community, in particular to residents living close to South Park.

The EPA will ensure that all work completed is done to international standards, is completed promptly and that any risks identified are managed appropriately.