EPA Report - Phase 2 of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme

Date released: Mar 07 2008

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today launched a report on Phase 2 of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP).  The results have clearly demonstrated that the Programme brings both significant environmental and economic benefits. 

The EPA initiated the Cleaner Greener Production Programme in 2001 as a grant scheme to encourage Irish companies and other organisations to implement cleaner greener practices.  The projects challenged participants to produce goods and services in more environmentally friendly ways, targeting the minimisation of emissions through cleaner production methods.

“The objective was to demonstrate how economic activity can be achieved in harmony with the environment”,

said Larry Stapleton, Director, EPA’s Office of Environmental Assessment. 

“There is a developing demand for environmentally sound products and services both in the EU and across international markets and indeed, environmental performance is fast becoming a marketing tool”.


The EPA funded 22 projects under Phase 2 of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme  which, took place over a 24 month period between 2005 and 2007.  There were more than 150 participants in the Programme due to partnerships and the networking nature of some of the projects.

Those involved have effected positive environmental performance in a range of areas including reductions in water use; energy use; packaging; raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions.  They reduced emissions to air and water and reduced their production of wastewater and solid waste. 

Significant improvements, both environmental and economic, have been made including:

  • greater than 250,000 tonnes per annum reduction in water usage and wastewater arisings;
  • greater than 660 MWh per annum energy reduction;
  • greater than €1.6 million cost savings per annum to participating organisations from an EPA committment of €1m.

Find details on the participants and their projects by downloading the report Results from the Cleaner Greener Production Programme – Summary Phase 2  from the EPA website.

Launch of New Funding Scheme (CGPP4)

On foot of the success of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme to date funding by the EPA for Phase 4 has also been announced today.

Mr Larry Stapleton said, 

“We are delighted to continue with the successful Cleaner Greener Production Programme and will commit approximately €2 million for what will now be Phase 4.  The EPA hopes that others will learn from and build on the successes to date and can achieve further significant win-win outcomes for business and the environment”.