EPA Directs Store to Recall of Toy Foam Pistol

Date released: Nov 10 2009

On 21 September 2009, the EPA issued a direction to Euro General Retail Limited for the withdrawal from the market and recall from customers of the “Toy Foam Pistol with Light and Sound”. This is the first direction issued by the EPA under the RoHS regulations.

The direction was issued following analysis of the Toy Foam Pistol, purchased in the €uro2 store, William Street, Limerick. The product was found to contain lead (Pb) in the item’s grey foam material and some electrical insulation exceeding the permitted level.  According to information provided by Euro General Retail Limited, approximately 4000 items of the product were sold through €uro2 outlets. 

Under the direction the company is required to place notices of the recall of the non compliant product in three national newspapers for three consecutive days, to post a copy of the notice in all of its stores in the republic and to manage returned product as waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Euro General Retail Limited appealed the direction to the Circuit Court seeking that the direction be withdrawn on 13 October 2009 but withdrew this appeal on 2 November 2009.  The EPA has sought a High Court Order to require Euro General Retail Limited to comply with the direction.  The Company today  published the required notice in the Irish Examiner, Irish Daily Mail and Irish Daily Mirror (10 November 2009).


Further information: Niamh Leahy, EPA Media Relations Office 053-9170770 (24 hours)

Notes to the Editor:

This direction was issued under the Waste Management (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2005 as amended (RoHS Regulations).

It was determined via analysis that two of the product’s constituents, namely grey foam and electrical insulation, were found to contain lead (Pb) at concentrations of 4110± 150mg/kg and 6160±200mg/kg respectively, both of which are above the permitted concentration of 1000mg/kg.