EPA requests further information before deciding on Irish Cement’s Limerick Plant Licence Review

Date released: Nov 05 2018

EPA requests further information before deciding on Irish Cement’s Limerick Plant Licence Review

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a notice to Irish Cement Limited that requires the applicant to provide the EPA with further details on the proposed use of alternative fuels and raw materials (including by-products and waste) in their cement manufacturing installation at Castlemungret, County Limerick.

Information Required

The EPA has requested further information on a number of elements of the licence application, namely;

  • Waste Acceptance Capacity
  • Raw Materials, Intermediates, Products, etc. used or generated on-site,
  • Best Available Technology,
  • Emissions to Atmosphere,
  • Human Health,
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology,
  • Appropriate Assessment,
  • Accidents and Disasters, and 
  • Baseline reports.

All documents related to this application are available online at on the EPA website.

Licence Review Process

Before the EPA can decide on a licence review, the EPA must carry out a thorough environmental assessment of the proposals in the review application.  This includes, in this case, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and an Appropriate Assessment (AA).

Public participation is a central element of the EPA licence assessment process.  In this case the EPA has received over 3,500 individual public submissions on the application for a reviewed licence.  As part of the assessment, the EPA will be carefully considering each one of these submissions.

The EPA cannot grant a licence or a reviewed licence unless it is satisfied that the activity will meet all the required environmental protection standards, including that emissions from the activity will not endanger human health or harm the environment in the vicinity of the facility or over a wider area.

Next Steps

Once the EPA has received and assessed all the required information, it will move to publish a proposed determination on the request by Irish Cement to review the conditions of their licence. 
Further details on the EPA’s licensing process is included on the EPA website.

As this is a statutory licensing review process, the EPA is not in a position to provide further comment at this time.