Our latest Industrial and Waste Enforcement Report provides a summary of the environmental performance and licence compliance of industrial and waste licensed sites in 2020.

This report is provided below and can be downloaded at Enforcement 2020 Report.  


Industrial and Waste Licences in 2020 


Number of licences in force 


New licences issued 


Reviewed licensed issued to existing sites 


Licence surrender applications completed by the EPA 


Changes in compliance and enforcement due to Covid-19 

The EPA was designated by the Government as an ‘essential service’ during the Covid-19 pandemic, underscoring the continued importance of ensuring that the protection of human health and the environment is not diminished.  

In response to the movement restrictions during the Covid-19 restriction, the EPA adapted its inspection practices in order to ensure licence enforcement inspection work continued. The EPA continued to carry out visits to licensed facilities where necessary (e.g. complaint investigation, incident response, etc) and where all Covid-19 related precautions could be complied with.  

The EPA also developed a novel type of inspection known as a Remote Compliance Assessment (RCA). RCAs are an inspection of licence compliance that is carried out remotely using an online communication platform or videoconference. The site operator can share documentation, live video footage, photographs and live monitoring data, allowing the EPA to assess and verify licence  


Industrial and Waste Licence Enforcement - 2020 Summary Report cover