EPA's Grant Management and Application portal user guidance

The EPA's Grant Management and Application portal is a web-based system that enables the online submission, evaluation and ongoing management of applications for research funding.

You can access the EPA's Grant Management and Application Portal at https://epa.smartsimple.ie

The following guidance materials on using the portal are available:

User TypeGuidance Available
All User Registration Guide - PDF
New Applicants User Guide for Applicants - PDF
Grantees (post award) User Guide for Grantees - PDF
Evaluators and Reviewers User Guide for Evaluators and Reviewers - PDF
Evaluators and Reviewers Unconscious Bias in Decision Making - video 
Finance Offices User Guide for Finance Offices - PDF 
Research Proposal Authorisers User Guide for Research Proposal Authorisers - PDF

If you have any queries about the portal which are not covered in the above 
guides, please contact research@epa.ie