EPA Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020 Our Environment, Our Wellbeing

Summary: The EPA Corporate Strategy 'Strategic Plan 2016-2020 – Our Environment, Our Wellbeing' sets out what we intend to deliver over the next five years in delivering on our mission. The title Our Environment, Our Wellbeing highlights the importance of a clean, protected environment for our health, our wellbeing and our quality of life.

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Published: 2018

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Mid Term Review of the EPA Strategic Plan

In 2018, mid-way through the implementation of the EPA’s five-year Plan, a review was undertaken to reflect on how we were progressing against our desired Outcomes and to update the plan and associated actions where necessary. The review took into account changes to our external environment as well as what has been achieved since the plan was first published. The main changes are to the strategic actions, where the focus has moved from developing plans to their implementation with an enhanced emphasis on regulatory enforcement, the circular economy and the National Dialog on Climate Action.

Consultation issues - What you said and how we've responded

As part of the development process of our new corporate strategy 'Strategic Plan 2016-2020 - Our Environment, Our Wellbeing', we conducted a public consultation process on the draft plan during October-November 2015. We received 52 submissions from members of the public, other Public Sector Bodies and representative organisations including Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations. Submissions were received by email, letter and by a dedicated on-line questionnaire. The majority of submissions supported the broad objectives of the plan and the strategic priorities that will need to be addressed over the next five years. They have helped us refine and strengthen the strategic plan and the EPA is very appreciative of the time and attention given by everyone that made a submission.

Specific issues were also raised during the consultation process, some of which can be addressed by the EPA and others that fall outside the remit of the EPA or where the EPA has a limited role.

View the summary report of the major issues that were raised by the submissions and an explanation as to how the EPA can respond to them.