Research 202: Review of Waste/Resource Exchange Systems and Good Practice Guide

Authors: Louise Connolly, Brian McIntyre, Serena Byrne, Brenda McEvoy and Louise Campion

Summary: This report is a Review of Waste/Resource Exchange Systems and Good Practice Guide

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Published: 2017

ISBN: 978-1-84095-683-2

Pages: 71

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Format: pdf


Identify Pressures

Europe is moving from a linear economy (“take – make – dispose” model) towards a circular economy where resources are kept in use for as long as possible. This research project conducted a review of national and international waste/resource exchange systems and surveyed business to business and waste/resource exchanges. The study identified a number of barriers to waste/resource exchanges many of which are addressed in this Good Practice Guide, arising from the research.

Inform Policy

The European Commission Circular Economy Action Plan prioritises a number of supporting areas such as industrial symbiosis, waste/resource exchange, reuse, repair and secondary raw materials. National policy documents ‘A Resource Opportunity’ and the EPA national waste prevention programme ‘Towards a Resource Efficient Ireland’ are aligned to the European Circular Economy strategy. The research project recommended the simplification of legislation and reduction of red tape, support on access to materials, promotion and awareness of existing supports, review of funding structures to facilitate long-term strategy and planning, use of instruments/incentives/tools/templates to encourage reuse and waste resource exchange, a sectoral approach to business to business (B2B) waste/resource exchange and engagement with industry representative bodies and awareness support to B2B raw material selection/consideration. These recommendations are targeted at government, public bodies and waste/resource exchange organisations with the aim of supporting increased participation in waste/resource exchange in Ireland.

Develop Solutions

The research outputs include this waste/resource exchange Good Practice Guide and four factsheets. This guide offers practical advice to potential and existing developers of waste/resource exchange systems, on getting started, understanding the main considerations/barriers and how to address them to create/manage a successful resource exchange organisation and improve already established systems. Two of the factsheets are targeted at those engaging with waste/resource exchanges, such as householders, business and industry, to ensure that their dealings are informed and conducted in line with industry good practice. The remaining two factsheets provide summarised guidance to both online and non-online waste/resource exchanges.[1].jpg