Air Guidance Note on the Implementation of I.S. EN 14181 (AG3)

Summary: This Air Guidance Note on the Implementation of I.S. EN 14181 (AG3) is one of a series of guidance notes that the OEE has produced on the general theme of air pollution monitoring.

Published: 2008



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The guidance note is intended for use by all Agency staff involved with Power sector and WID plant (e.g. licensing and enforcement staff), the licensed operator, and test houses that provide an air emissions monitoring service.  The document is intended to give clear and practical guidance on how to implement EN14181 in Ireland, which is mainly based on an interpretation of the experiences to date in the rest of Europe. All relevant licensed operators should have had the opportunity to submit questions, which have been incorporated into the guidance note with concise answers.

A CEN standard for the data installation, recording and processing system is currently being addressed as part of WG9.  It is currently in a working draft format and should be made available for comment sometime in 2008.

The starting point for an existing AMS is to do a QAL2 and establish a valid range for the AMS.  The Agency would consider that within twelve months of the issuing (website or publication) of this Guidance Note (AG3), or by the end of 2008 at the very latest, that the QAL2 should be completed at relevant sites.

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