Year Title
2005 Solvent Emissions: Procedure For Conducting Site Inspections And Preparing AIC Reports (Note: Being Revised)
Compliance with 2002 solvents emissions regulations must be verified by Independent Accredited Inspection Contractors
2008 Best Practice Guidelines For Dry Cleaning
Guidelines for the dry cleaning industry on how to comply with solvent emissions regulations
2008 Records spreadsheet for Dry Cleaners
Spreadsheet to assist dry cleaners with record keeping under the solvents regulations.
2008 Dry Cleaners Record Sheets - Printable Version 1.0
Dry Cleaners Record Sheets
2008 Dry Cleaning AIC Report
AIC Report Template for Dry Cleaning Inspections
2005 Best Practice Guidelines for Surface Cleaning
Guidelines on the European directive on reducing emissions from organic solvents.
2002 Compliance Report - AIC Inspection Protocol
Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Organic Solvents Regulations 2002 compliance report. (Note: being revised)
2007 VR Presentation Portlaoise - September '07
This is a presentation by Eileen O'Leary (CTC) at VR Workshop - September '07
2007 Presentation by Martin Doyle (EPA) at VR Workshop - September '07
This is presentation by Martin Doyle (EPA) at the VR Workshop - September '07
2003 Emissions Of Volatile Organic Compounds From Solvents Regulations 2002
This document extends the statutory reporting of emissions from solvents to smaller businesses.