Guidelines on information to be contained in Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

Summary: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) guidance documents are listed below. Guidelines were published in 2002 following extensive consultation and some years experience with the draft guidelines. Additionally, the EPA published in 2003 Advice Notes on Current Practice (in the preparation of EIS) to accompany the guidelines.

Published: 2002


Available Downloads


 The Environmental Protection Agency is currently revising the Guidelines and Advice Notes.

The adoption of the new EIA Directive (2014/52/EU) in April 2014, combined with lessons and experience arising from EU and Irish court cases, appeals and various pieces of new legislation that have been adopted since the publication of the current documents, have led to a decision to update the guidelines. 

The review of the guidelines commenced in September 2014 and two online surveys have been carried out (via this website) to gather input from interested parties.  A draft of the revised Guidelines was made available for public consultation in September 2015.  This draft is being further revised to take account of the consultation feedback.   

To ensure that the Guidelines are fully aligned with the relevant legislation it has been decided to publish the revised Guidelines after the transposition of Directive 2014/52/EU into national legislation.  The transposition deadline set out in the Directive is 16 May 2017. 

In the interim, and to assist those that are preparing EISs for 2017 consent applications, it is planned to make an updated draft of the revised Guidelines available on this webpage by the end of March 2017. 

Please note that the original Guidelines and Advice Notes are still applicable until such date as the final revision of the Guidelines are published i.e. after the transposition of Directive 2014/52/EU.