EPA Guidance Note for Strategic Noise Mapping for the Environmental Noise Regulations 2006 (Version 2 – August 2011)

Revised Section 10: Mapping Methodology for Exposure Assessment - Post Processing and Analysis

Summary: The objective of the original Guidance note (version 2, August 2011) was to provide practical information, advice and guidance to designated Noise Mapping Bodies on the development of strategic noise maps under the Environmental Noise Regulations.

Published: 2016


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This updated methodology for exposure assessment, based upon the noise mapping results, has been issued as a revised Section 10 of the original EPA Guidance document. The approach to strategic noise mapping for Round 2 during 2012 relied upon having building footprints and building use information from Ordnance Survey Ireland’s (OSi) Large Scale and GeoDirectory. 

Note: For Round 3 noise mapping during 2017, the EPA are not yet able to confirm precisely how the dwelling and population exposure assessment will be undertaken, and the current consultation process may result in the Round 3 exposure assessment being undertaken in a different manner than for Round 2.

Please contact the EPA (t.dolan@epa.ie) if you require any further updates.