Year Title

Guidance on the Authorisation of Discharges to Groundwater

Guidance on the technical assessments that are needed to authorise discharges to groundwater.

2010 Classification of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Substances in Groundwater
Assessment and list of hazardous and non-hazardous subsances relating to groundwater.
2003 Towards Setting Guideline Values For The Protection Of Groundwater In Ireland – Interim Report
Proposals for the setting of environmental quality objectives and standards for groundwaters.
1999 Protection Of Groundwater From The Landspreading Of Organic Wastes
Guidelines on how best to protect groundwater sources and resource from the landspreading of organic wastes
1999 Protection Of Groundwater When Siting Landfills
The groundwater protection measures to be taken into account in any proposal to site a landfill.
1999 Groundwater Protection Responses For Landfills – Summary
This is a summary of the requirements as set out in the Groundwater Protection Response for the selection of Landfills